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When you feel like your alone…

I’ve been sitting on my bed not able to stop the tears from slipping out of my eyes, if you know ne from polyvore then you might have seen that I have finals, being already stressed I’ve wanted to break down all week, and the tipping point hit me while I wasn’t looking. “your not going back to your school next year.” nine small words were enough to make me leaving my notes and studying to run to me bed and cry, in the dark, for two hours.the rain tapping on my windows turned from comforting to nausiating as I came to realize that it might actually happen. I’ve gone to the same private school for most of my life my first solid memmories are with the same faces I spend school days with now for 10 years of my life I’ve had friends and a sense of ease constantly in my life every monday to friday. I didn’t wait to listen my mom and brother talk about what happened with money. My mouth filled with the coppery taste and my stomah twisted it self into a tight knot and I can’t do anything about I can’t tell my friends it still stings like a paper cut nd lemons I can’t tell them becuase letting them know makes it real, and I can’t let it be real. I keep waiting for someone to knock on my door to tell me it’s been worked out that it’s all ok but no one has because it’s not over and u can’t just open my eyes and wake up it’s not just a bad dream, I can’t do anything but look at the small puddle of tears on my pillow. xoxS

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